Interracial Acceptance/ Cancer fight/Egypt

      Welcome to the world today and in the future, some big differences will have to occur for mankind to survive.  Stop and think how we are not dealing with critical problems and worrying about other things we shouldn’t be. It’s amazing that mankind got off of all fours and survived this long! The human brain is special as well as it’s spirit but like nations that failed before the United States came about, mankind is crumbling because we are stupid in ways we should never be. We fight over skin color, nationality, and what are ancestors were and who they were, when in fact we should just accept that part and move on. I don’t care if marriage is interacial   for we all bleed red, we all eat the same, we all depend on fresh water and air and by intermarriage we learn more about each other than ever before. So why do people oppose interracial marriage and the mingling and joining of races, prior prejudices  prior discrimination is all, we can’t let go of the past to get to the future is all. Sad isn’t it, for if you look closely every race, nationality,person is the same whether we praise the same god or not, whether we are black, white, yellow or any other color, we all honor and praise and believe in a supreme being who put us on this planet, don’t we? So why do we fight over color,nationality or anything that divides us as these factors do, it’s simple; pride and the inability to forgive and forget and accept what the world has become, a multiracial world that survives better, if, we are inter-mingled as one. So stop fighting the facts of live folks intermingle, interlove inter marry and learn that all mankind is the same, not different.

       Next subject, many have asked how I am doing since my cancer diagnosis, I am doing a ok, except for a tiredness that overcomes me, and i drink plenty of water and hold my hopes high for removal of the tumor and living on. Medical Science has come so far, in it fight against cancer since the first one who died in my family in 1970. Yet it has never gotten far enough to eradicate the cancer,  but many are now cancer survivors and that in and of itself is an improvement beyond compare. God Bless Medical Science and like any other human being, I hope they have come far enough in the advances in cancer fighting to save my live is all.

       Final say today, Egypt once again has gone into Civil War and destruction, the Middle East is like a war zone, each day and night in a different area, Sadly, the same prejudices and discriminations and disagreements that have divided mankind there forever still exist and they won’t let them  go.  They need to realize they are all human, all die when bullets and bombs and fires rage in their land. It matters not what religion you follow, it matters not if you think your fellow egyptian is different than you, or has different beliefs than you, they are still human beings and killing each other is against all religious and moral and ethical beliefs in the world. Wake up, and hold your tempers discuss difference and make it work, or you will destroy yourselves.

     Final Add today: Story LInks:


The Project Murders, in Broad-View Acres -
“Tick, Tock The Infernal Clock” —-
“Fishing Days with Dad” ——
“Abraham- A Man of Contradictions” —-
“My Maria”—
“Rusty The Beagle” —–
“Angie’s Folly”—–
“Three Mandolin Murder Mysteries in One!” —–
“Wails of an Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Child” —
“Three Navy Stories” —-
“Three Amigos”–
“Passing on……………………”—
“God Damn It!”—-
“Women are in Charge!”—
“WHy Hide It?” —-
“The Poems of W.M.M.” —-
“National Guard Hereos”—-
“The Holy Land Murder”—-
“The Poems of W.M.M.” —-
“Romance,Sex and Fools”—
“What Really Happened to Alex?” —
“Unattainable Love”—-
“The Northern Woods Murders”—-

I hope some will read and enjoy those I have written. God Bless all!

Thanks for reading my Blog!







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