IF ! /Raising kids/Hopes/ Cancer

       If a two letter word, that has a meaning that is large in the english language and in the world. It is always with us, if  this than that, if they win, if they lose, if this happens then that won’t, if I do this than that won’t be. If I date this person than I will miss that one, so many ifs everywhere, and yet, it sits in the english language as a  referral word to choose between two choices. Why is that, well I don’t know who created it, or why, we just all know it does exist don’t we?

        Ah little word always have big meanings, just as little children have big promise and hopes and dreams. If I have a son or daughter they can become this, they can become that they can affect the world and change it and make us proud right! Thats life, if I  raised them right and taught them right from wrong, not to lie, not to steal, not to kill or harm anyone, they will turn out great and be something special. But sometimes, it makes no difference does it, no matter how well they are raised, taught morals, ethics, religion and more, they still go their own  way and end up evil some of them. You can only attempt to teach right from wrong, you can’t guarantee it, in another person, if if they are your children!

       Hopes are always for the best when you are dealing with offspring, children and relatives period. You hope all goes well and they make something out of themselves and circumstances can step in and change your world and theirs. causing them to go one way or another out of joy, hate, anger, laughter or by some other circumstances. we don’t control destiny,fate or chance do we, we just deal with it as it comes along, changing our directions in life as needed to go around, through or into it all. That choice is what life’s all about folks, it makes or breaks a human being, in all ways. And it goes back to the if this then that, doesn’t it? Interesting huh?

       Ok enough random thoughts and ideas, my cancer is always on my mind as I hope and pray I can overcome it each day. cancer is sneaky, it’s there from no where, and they have no idea what causes it or exactly how to end it for everyone. Once your diagnosed with cancer you tend to start to think of the old why me question, I recommend you don’t. If you do you are wasting energy, time and effort in the wrong area of the battle and your not making the preps for the battle ahead and your not making the plans necessary if you lose the battle with it. Live, do what you have to get done, tell loved ones you love them, have fun, laugh and cry, be human, it’s what you are if you’re sick or not. Ok, people don’t want to hear you pitying yourself or crying over what happened to you, they only want to see you fight and win. Do it cancer Patients fight, keep your spirits up, don’t give up ever and touch the lives of those around you each day and give them a memory to remember you.

        End of my Ranting/ Raving for today folks! I leave you with a poem, about my Step-father’s death I wrote:


Why Must the Days End?
By William

Why do the days have to end?
Why do the nights have to come?
The Darkness rolls in,
Night reminding me,
Of, my past, my sin.

I didn’t know what you wanted or needed,
You refused to say,
So now I wonder and think,
All night and through the day.

I go thru life, a statement reverberating in my mind,
It’s one I carry with me,
And shall for all time.

My father, laid dying on his bed you see,
And these are the words he said to me:
My son he said my days have come and gone,
I shall leave you before for long.

But live you life to the fullest and enjoy,
Do today what you love the most,
Enjoy life to the fullest, and love those around you the deepest,
For though I be gone and you may cry,
Please remember these words, I give you to keep and hold.
Live your life with honesty and truth,
Be happy, be true, be honest and be bold.

As I leave you now he said:
I shall be gone and you will cry,
But remember this is not really goodbye.

We are all put here for a purpose, yes a plan.
When we fulfill that purpose our time has come,
And our life is done, and I am just a man.

The days will pass, the weeks will come and go,
The weeks, will turn to months, the months to years,
And over time, you will, have cried all of your tears.
But live your life for each day you are here,
For the calendar will continue to roll,
Time will pass before you know,

In the end my son,
We all eventually do what we have been put here for,
And our time is done.

Then he rolled his head, in his bed,
The vomit came, his eyes rolled back in his head,
And peacefully, and in silence he was dead.

I remember that day oh so well,
I remember the fishing trips, the pizzas, the laughter and the tears,
And have carried his words, with me and lived them for all my years.





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