Emotional Overflow/Judging/Cancer/Hillary

     Good Morning World! I hope all are doing as well as humanly possible and are happy, but if you’re not, then you need to look at yourself in the mirror and ask why not?  For it is the person inside you who is not happy and it doesn’t matter what cover you put on to hide it, it will come out and hurt others, so deal with it! No one deserves to get hit with your emotional and mental overflow, and you have no right to take it out on anyone else!

      In my life I have lived many different parts of life with different people in my own family. As a child I was called the child from hell, the one who tore my family apart over who my real father was, bullshit. Then as I aged I learned how to investigate and research things on my own, conducting on my own and finding what I needed to live life out. You can’t go forever in life blaming your patents for something they didn’t plan on or cause to happen. Even if you think they did cause it, you have no right to judge them unless you were in their damn shoes. Judgements are left to judges for a reason folks,it’s so emotions, hatred love and misunderstanding are overcome. I hope some people will learn that someday, for judging someone else is not our business, that belongs to a neutral party to do.

      Next, my cancer fight continues as I wait for a slot in the hospital to have part of my lung removed so I can survive. It’s the waiting game that wears on you, nothing else really, unless you count the coughing and hacking, and wondering. I have no idea what they willf ind, except I do have a tumor in my middle lobe of my right lung, will I need chemo, radiation, what stage and type is it and how long shall I be around on this planet? I don’t have the answers, but I am determined to fight the cancer, I am determined to stay here on earth as long as I can. I have a wife, a sister, two daughters and grandchildren, in no way am I ready to go. But, as my stepfather said, we are here for missions we perform, when you perform the last one you can do, God recalls you and you will never know when!

     Last note for today folks: America’s greatest hope for the future and return to prominence again, lays in the hands of Hillary Rodham Clinton in my opinion, a woman of stature, brains, with and logic.  A woman who deserves to be President of The United States, she is an outstanding person with morals, ethics, manners and grace and brians beyond compare. Break the glass ceiling folks, this is the woman who needs to be President and will do one hell of a job at it too.

     Today, as I sign off on this blog, As a cancer Patient, Man, Veteran,Father,and Husband, and Grandfather, I leave you with my story of what should be Passed On to the next generation of children in all families:

  “Passing on……………………”  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CMXC952  

   Thanks All for Reading and God Bless!


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