Weed Legalize it! /MLB and A-Rod.

      WEED, POT, is it good or bad for medical reasons, well, Dr. Gupta of CNN fame says it works for medical treatments. I agree it does, but, like everything else, moderation is the key. One has to control the WEED/POt not it control them. Science has found one out of every ten people can become addicted to WEED, but it on the other hand helps people in pain and suffering and makes life bearable for them. So, I think it should be professionally rolled and sold like cigarettes, boxed and sold over the counter and taxed. And it must be fully controlled strictly so youngsters don’t get it with false prescriptions or parents knowing. I have seen how it works for cancer patients, for those with certain conditions and I watched Dr. Gupta on CNN go through it all. I am one of those cancer patients now, I am one with lung cancer, and I know it can cause cancer too, but it can also relax a person, take away the stress and pressure, bring out the artistic part of someone and help others cope with life.  So I ask the American Government,  why not legalize it and make it available in Hospitals, Prescription form? I believe many could use it for mental, physical pains and ailments,  we have fought legalizing it since the 60s, isn’t it time to realize it has a purpose to help mankind?

       Next Subject, the return of A-Rod to Major League Baseball ! He violated every rule, regulation  on drugs using PEDS and more to improve his performance and take away pain. Modern day baseball, should not allow this and how is it going to let players like this in the HAll of Fame, and let them hold records that are falsely enhanced by drugs.  What would Babe Ruth say, what would Dimaggio say, what would players who gave all they had to set records say and do, who did the records they set all natural? Should players who are enhanced by PEDS or other drugs be allowed in the Hall of Fame or Banned? I say  Ban them, Hank Arron did it naturally, Babe Ruth, Mickey  Mantle, harmon Killebrew and more all natural in their days and played great and deserve the Hall, but A-Rod no!

     Last for today, I have written many little stories, poems and such and posted them for sale on Amazon’s Kindle e-Books as many know. Now I am not a great writer, I am just average and need some work for sure and to write more and learn. But I do tell the real stories to the best of my ability currently as I learn and go along. I just hope they convey, the emotions, feelings, pain, laughter and life I have lived in many ways to others, so they get a view that all life is not the same for all, no matter color, race, nationality or anything else. If ya get a chance to read some I hope you do, I hope you enjoy what I tried to do!

       “Conversations With Dad”—–http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EBC5FHG

      “Open Letter to Daughter I Never Knew”—-http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00E7SMC2U


        “False Accusations”—http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DYAID6G

        Have a good day all and remember, we all have our mission to complete before we             depart earth and head back to where we came from!





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