Is Time Running OUt on You?

      I was thinking this am, about how if one dies, people tend to go into misery mode and grieve over them for a period of time, and I was wondering how one could tell them not to, if you’re the one that died? Then what came to mind if the old Will and Testament we all tend to make out before we die. But even that can’t stop a crying, grieving heart can it?  Nope, so what does one do to stop the mess your own death causes after you are gone? My answer , well, I think one should make statements to those they love and care about well before they are unable to, once diagnosed! In other words if you know you have cancer like I do, and you know you may die, but are not sure, you should sit down and write down the names of the ones, you have something important to say to, and the statements, then either put them in an envelope to be found after you’re gone or to write them on the internet for all to read! Yes I know it seems morbid and like I am depressed saying this but I am not even though I have cancer. A fight is in front of me is all to stay alive if I should fail to win the fight and I leave the reality of the life I share with others, then I believe they have the right to know, what I want and what I hope for them. I hope that makes sense to all!

      Each August day brings me closer to my pre-op for my surgery for my lung cancer and makes me think of the ones I may leave behind. Makes me think of my wife, my sister, my daughters and my grandchildren and my best friend. Makes me think of old loves I have left behind and the ones for which I could never find the time. Life rolls on folks, and it is not controlled by you or me or mankind, it is controlled by preset missions we are all here to do, when we arrive, without knowing them. We find out those missions as we go through life, one day at a time  The Mission pops up out of nowhere and we make a decision to do or not do something about it on the spot. Otherwise do you react or don’t you to certain events in life, if you don’t then, they happen anyway and you don’t affect them, it the course of nature, so to say. But if you choose to react and do something that changes the course of that mission, then you have completed at least one of the missions you were put here on earth to do.  It happens that way each day, each hour, each minute, each second we are here on earth, and when we leave, to me, it only makes sense to have affected mankind in a positive way.

       That said and done, I leave you today, with this thought in mind, find the ones that matter most to you in life, find them, tell them, and let them know you care. If you don’t each day, each hour, each minute, each second of the day, will continue to tick away, and time shall run out on you!




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