Cancer, Toys, Stories

       Tuesday has arrived and yes the Bachelorette got her man last night. Des managed to get by the Brooks pain to find Chris still standing and caring and wanting her. Was a romantic ending that was perfect for her and him. Have to love a love story that works, thats what I say.

Onward and upwards today, next I am 2 weeks and three days from pre-op for lung lobe removal. On that day, they do blood work, clear me by way of cardio and the gas man speaks to me.  I have it on my mind daily, and wonder am I strong enough to get through the operation, chemo and radiation if necessary? I saw this same cancer kill my step-father who was 280 lbs. in ten months, I am only 210. Time shall tell I guess.

In the meantime,, I shall play with my new cell phone I can take even into the Veteran’s Hospital and get online with due to Verizon. My sister god bless her knew I wanted a new smart phone and offered to get me on, so I got a Droid. I will play with it and see what I can get to entertain me, for 5 days in a hospital bed. lol.

 My stories still sit on Amazon’s Kindle e-book store for sale, and a few are now on Kobo Books also, and many hide on WattPad. Hopefully some are reading them, I hope so, I tried to make them worthwhile! All one can do is try, hopefully with one of them I can make a hit, and make some money and be known for writing sensible stuff! Time shall tell for sure. 

My Links to them are:

“Conversations With Dad”——
My latest lil Book on Kindle e-books

My List of stories:”Disappearing Hams”—–

“False Accusations”—–

“The Burner Man”—-

“The Flying Christmas Tree”—

“The Importance of Christmas”—

“Dark Secrets Overcome”—-

“Confrontations With Mom”—-

“The House on Phoenix Avenue”—-

“Children center Lesson and Years (Hamden,Connecticut)”—


“The Chase and Ending”—

“Adult Poems of Romance and Lust”—-


The Project Murders, in Broad-View Acres—

“Tick, Tock The Infernal Clock”—

“Fishing Days with Dad”—

Abraham– A Man of Contradictions”—-

My Maria“—–

“Rusty The Beagle”—-

“Angie’s Folly”—-

“Three Mandolin Murder Mysteries in One!”—-

“Wails of an Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Child”——-

“Three Navy Stories”——

Three Amigos“—–

“Passing on……………………”—-

God Damn It!”——–

“Women are in Charge!”—–

“WHy Hide It?”—–

“The Poems of W.M.M.”—–

“National Guard Heros——

“The Holy Land Murder”—-

“Romance,Sex and Fools”—–

“What Really Happened to Alex?”—-

“Unattainable Love”—-

“The Northern Woods Murders”—–

Thanks for reading my Blog folks!




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