Monday I welcome you and good morning to all who read this, a new day has begun as well as a new work week for most!  I hope all have a great day rushing too and fro and making some bucks as they do.  

For me Monday just bring a new day and an attempt to write this blog, and tell what I believe in. I believe in peace, I believe in caring, love, hope and the Great American Way of life!  I believe in hope, persistence, never giving up and more!  I am not saying it will all be there for you in your life, but it is worth striving for big time in America.  hard work for many brings peace through money, social interactions, love and finding a place in the world, it’s worth it folks!

I grew up with country music, some rock and roll and trying different music. Music bring peace to to the soul and you can close your eyes while listening and float away on the notes and voices and be in a make believe world of pleasure for a while.  You can hear someone else’s stories in the lyrics and understand what they are trying to say, many songs do that now. Music is a love many of us have in life I am sure.

 I grew up reading too, books, magazines, and yes comic books and graphic novels. I read sci fi, westerns,  mysteries and spy novels, but I also read history folks, american history big time. Washington, Lincoln, Adams, Jefferson, Jackson, Nixon, Clinton, Kennedy and more all, men who gave for their country and made it better in their own ways. Americans should read more, and learn the morals, ethics, beliefs, and basics of why we as a nation are different then any other!  read about our Revolution, our Civil War, our Depression, our advances in Medicine and science and more. Read how we struggled to survive at first than expanded across the lands we live in and killed off other cultures to do so. The American Indian Nations suffered for the white man coming here, and so did the African Americans who are here now, brought here as slaves. But in the end, we gave all freedom and choices and equality as we went along. Yes I am not saying there is no discrimination or prejudice  because there sure as hell is, but it is now getting less each day. Color, race, issues, are getting fewer as we as Americans realize, if you kill us we all grieves, we all cry, we all bleed red, and we all fight for the country we live in! In the end the color of your skin, your nationality, should mean not a damn thing in america, being American should mean everything, period. I served 16 years in the US Military folks,, I served with all nationalities, all colors, all races and all different religious beliefs, it makes no difference for in the end we all believe in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave! 

When you sit at your breakfast table each morning and eat breakfast, have the same eggs and bacon or cereal as everyone else who lives here and rush out your door to work, stop and think, where else in the world, do people of all colors, races, nationalities, all fight for the same values, the same freedoms and have them. The US Military is made up of freedom loving americans of all colors, and americans all, say thanks to them for the freedoms you have! And when they march in your town parades, say thank you by respecting them and honoring what they did, no matter who they are!

My Stories folks can still be found on Amazon’s Kindle e-Books, Kobo Books and I hope some will enjoy them!

 As to my cancer fight it will continue of course. I have to be at the hospital on the 23rd of August for testing, cardio- pre op  work up for preps for my operation on September 3rd.  Blood Testing of course, and Anesthesia Prescreen. Than when the 3rd does come, it will be a robotic assisted right middle lobectomy, removing my middle lobe of right lung. From there I don’t know if it will be chemo and radiation or just chemo, but whatever it is I will fight! God Bless all who read this.  Later folks!





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