Cancer/ Things I did right!

        The problem with having Cancer is simple and true to form for all who have it, your body has turned against you and created the cells that can kill you. Yo kill it and fight it takes more from you too, for the operations, chemicals and radiation will sapp more energy from the person who has it weakening them, as they fight to stay alive. Then if you survive it you must come back from it to survive many more years or even a short period of time! Crazy right, well, I fight this battle now, my grandfather died of it, my father died of it, my step-father died of it, My Mother died of it, and my second wife has survived it. Now it is really my turn, and all I can do at times is keep a straight face even when I feel like breaking down and crying. Checking your own morality and mortality, is scary for all of us and I know that, more than most. But it is all one day at a time now, as I count down to the operation 29 days away. 

Yesterday’s blog I spoke of Regrets and what I thought I did wrong and missed, due to either things in my control or controlled by someone else.  Today I want to talk about some things I did right, I overcame Hyperactivity and Attention Deficit Disorder on my own as a child basically. I helped raise my siblings in anyway I could, I helped friends with problems and to overcome their fears and more. I went on to leave High School as a Junior and to get a GED anyway. I joined the Army failed, and refused to surrender and joined the Army National Guard and then the US Navy for 12 more years.  I loved and respected my first wife and had two of everything with her, including two beautiful daughters I love dearly, no matter where they be today.  I went on to graduate college with an Associate’s Degree in Hotel Management with a 3.7 grade point average at 40 years old. So I did accomplish some pluses for the world and myself. I write little stories and poems and share them with the world thru Kindle e-books on Amazon and Kobo Publishing and WattPad .com. My writings are not Hemingways’ nor are they Shakespeare’s or even  Robert Ludlum‘s, but they are my stories I tried to share with all. I overcame False Accusations, and survived childhood beatings and mental abuse. I live with PTSD, Sleep Apnea, Six Herniated Discs in my spine, and now cancer of the lungs.  As my surgery date gets nearer I just hope I have done enough to be remembered as decent person who cared.  God Bless folks, and I shall keep blogging as I go along, if I can.



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