30 days to Operation/ No More stories or links!

         Thirty days before my operation to take a lobe off my right lung and it gets a little scarier each day, knowing I am carrying cancer in me. I wonder if one I will survive the operation, two if I do what shape I will be in after it, three will I withstand the chemo and radiation afterwards? No way to tell until I go thru it is there?

One day at a time is all one can do at a time, honestly! Each day bring coughs, wheezing and hacking at times, and tiredness. But I keep on hoping it will get better in 30 days, once they operate on me.

My blogs will be all I will be doing from now on, it seems my little books, stories or poems are not good enough to sell much of. I may ramble on too much in them, or not be correct in english or grammar or whatever it takes. Maybe it’s the fact that I confuse first person and third person, or tell my stories from my own view and never really edit them properly, because I am not made of money to hire an editor. Whatever it is, sales are extremely slow and people get angry when I show them the links to them and ask them to buy them. So I will stop giving the links out in Second Life, Facebook and Google Plus and let them die online, like I may slowly in real life.

I want to thanks anyone who bought one of my stories, or little books and who believed in me for the support and time they took to show it. As I go forward, I will try to not bother anyone with the links on Second Life or FaceBook, Twitter or Google Plus again. I never intended to anger anyone or to push anyone to do anything, I apologize if I did make anyone uncomfortable

As I go forward toward my surgery, if anyone in Second Life asks I will inform them only of how I am doing. I don’t want to bother people who don’t care. I hope all will forgive me for passing out links to my books in Second Life, in Wildcats, BlackHorse, or any where else I did so. Apology made and I hope accepted by anyone I bothered or who complained of me doing so. 



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