August 1,2013/Trying/Special/Newest Stories for all!

      August 1, 2013, a new month has arrived and a new day has too, lucky for both me and you! As time goes on day by day and night by night I sleep, I pray for my soul to keep, as I face the same harsh road of family members before me now. Cancer doesn’t know age, color, race, sex, or any other damn thing we humans seem to argue about, it just knows it found a breeding ground in your body and can grow there, unless you remove it. Tomorrow morning at ten am my doctors will tell me if they can save my live and remove the cancer from me and the lung it has infected.  I won’t know much else until after they biopsy it on the 8th of August 2013, not the kind, or the stage or how long it’s been in me.  So the Longest Journey and the hardest lays in front of me, the fight to survive!

       I have written many short stories in my life and posted them online on KIndle e-Books, some will help children and adults deal with Hyperactivity, and Attention Deficit Disorder and emotional Instability too. Some will give entertainment as Murder Mysteries and are written just for fun. Many are stories of ex-loves and romances and even poems.  But, all were written with a purpose and a reason, to protect the children of the world, to release what was inside of me bottled up for decades before my time ends and there may indeed be more to come. I honestly don’t know yet what I will feel as time goes along, but writing helps me deal with the good, the bad and the indifferent in it’s own way.

      For many years in my life, I have tried and tried to bring family together, friends together and help others, but, no one man is a rescue team and no one person can change what others believe or want to believe. So I do what i can to aim at the hearts and minds of those important to me in my life and times. I try to reach out say hello, let them know I know they are here and that I remember them all and care. It doesn’t always work, but all one can do is try.

      Last but never least folks are the written words I have produced and I hope will go on long after I die, and help others. In the end it is not what we do so much in life that makes us special it is what we leave behind when we die that helps others that makes us special! It never is the material things, it’s the things you did for others, or helped others with, always remember that!

       Finally the latest writings I have done are here for all to read :

       “Open Letter to Daughter I Never Knew”—


      “Disappearing Hams”—–

     “False Accusations”—-

      “The Importance of Christmas”—

      Each tells stories I think someone would enjoy! I hope you all like them, and thanks        for  reading my blogs and hopefully my stories.


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