Fight/ America/Simple Pleasures in LIfe! My Poems!

      Good Morning world! Today is a new day and I awoke once more and of that I am happy, and content to see one more day!  Each night brings a fear of not awakening the next morning and seeing the sun again or those I love again. Cancer has that effect on people who have it, we tend to hope we see those we love more often.

      Yes, like many other sin the world I will continue my battle with Cancer until either it wins, or I die of natural causes or something else. Can’t just surrender it’s not my nature anymore then it was in the nature of my predecessors  like my grandfather, father, mother and my step-father. They all fought it and lost and if I go the way they did, at least I know they are waiting on the other side. Yes it is sad to have cancer and face your own mortality as you have it, but, if you’re like me, and can look back and say I did all I could to correct any mistakes I made and tried to treat all with respect, love and caring, you take it easier, yet ya still will cry having it.

     AnyWay, Life shall go on and the world is one mkess any way. Americans need to stop fighting over skin color, race and sex, and join together to fight off the evils of the world. Wake up please, the end of the American  Empire or Dynasty or Civilization can be at hand if we allow it to be, by stupidity and infighting. Nowhere in this world, will there ever be another America, a Republic that was an experiment that worked and produced democracy, acceptance and equality to the best of it’s ability and grew in riches because of the mixture we accepted in it.  It doesn’t matter if you are Caucasian,  African American, Hispanic, Asian or any other race or color, America accepted you and gave you a chance to live in peace and get by well and eat and sleep in peace. No other country has been able to accomplish what America did and does each day, don’t forget it!

     Simple Pleasures in life make it worth it when ya live a life. The simple pleasure of a hug between a child and a parent, a kiss between a husband and wife, a grandchild who hugs ya and says I love ya grandpa or grandma. These are simple pleasures in life, the fishing hole ya went to as a kid with dad, the sharing of tears, fears and laughter with mom, the ability to play with a brother, a  sister or a friend and to run and play, laugh and smile. Simple pleasures indeed and no where in the world is there more of it then here in America. Never forget it folks!

       As my battle continues against cancer it all starts on Friday with a consult with Doctors I have never met before. I await the consult and meeting for the information they can provide on my condition and what to do about it. If I don’t make it and survive what I have, I know I have tried to do all I thought was right for all I knewa nd loved and that is all I can do.

       Try my Poems folks; ya may like em:

“Adult Poems of Romance and Lust”

“The Poems of W.M.M.”

A Collection of Poems by me in Book form on KIndle E Books on Amazon for sale.



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