Health, Bea and Life!

      Cat scan and Pet scan both confirm a mass in one lung for me. Next up is a Biopsy of the mass coming up on August 2nd, 2013.  I feel a painful chest now and then on and off and I get tired easier now, but otherwise I am fine so far. The question is for how long will it go on before it knocks me down on my ass and makes me unable to get up again? No telling, but I shall keep plugging along, as it goes.

      My stories are not great, or perfect nor are they interesting to all, yet they will probably live longer than I. I hope some learn lessons from them, for I tried to write what I knew and enjoyed in life, so Enjoy folks please.

      “Bea——–, is the last story I wrote so far, but it is short like all of them, but tells of a young girl who became a cancer patient and survives to this day, whom I admire for her courage, strength and guts as a person. Bea will always be a  part of my memory and life I have a fond memory of , for we laughed, we skipped through rain puddles and snow storms and much more! God Bless ya Bea, for your persistence  your courage and your love of life, you encourage me to face my trial of cancer in the same way you did win or lose! Thanks.


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