Cancer for Me/ My Stories Live on!

       Well here I go down a road traveled by my parents before me and something I figured would never really be. Before me I lost a Grandfather to cancer in 1970, my mother’s father. Then in 1984, shortly after I found my real father and met him, he died of lung cancer too.  1990- the man who raised me as his son, my step-father died of cancer, then one day and a year later my mother went and followed him with lung cancer too. It seems cancer is in the family for us all and i have tried to tell my daughters to quit smoking before it gets them too, but alas they smoke on, and me well I quit smoking now 6 to 7 years ago, but, I got cancer of the lungs too, recently diagnosed, and the Journey toward Valhalla starts. 

First the coughing and hacking stared, then the spitting up of phlegm and blood for a short period of time. Then light pains in chest and the ability to move fast or do anything heavier than sit and talk goes. I went to the Doctors at this point I was sluggish, slightly painful in chest area and still coughing. Doc says ok let’s get a cat scan,so I agreed. 

One phone call later, I was told we found some spots on your lungs and I am ordering more tests. The tests included, Pulmonary Clinic, Breathing Tests, Blood tests,MRI of brain and finally a Pet Scan in one day!

The next morning 10:00 am the phone rang in my home and I answered it. My Doctor called, and told me, there is a growth in your lung and it is good size and very active on the Pet Scan.  I need two more blood tests from you, and to set you up for a biopsy and to see the surgeons. Stop taking your daily aspirin  and I will set it all up. Cancer had arrived in me, and this time the fight will happen, I can’t and won’t go slowly. As I await the call for the set up of the Biopsy and the Surgeons talk, my wife is with me and we shall talk together to the doctors and make the decisions.

Long ago, I used to say and I always believed I would never live passed 40 years old, but I did and 57 isn’t old, but it’s no spring chicken either. I always believed I had missions to complete in life assigned to me by whoever put us on this planet as human beings, is there any more I have to complete before I am done, only time will tell!

Ok enough on that one, I shall do what needs to be done folks. In the meantime I have my stories I am selling on Amazon’s Kindle e-Books site and sales ares low these days. I was hoping for more but what the hell at least some are enjoying reading them and that counts. Never called myself HemingWay or Ludlum, but, told short stories the best I could to teach lessons, talk of love and write health and murder mysteries. I hope they will be enjoyed by many.

My List of stories:”Disappearing Hams”—–

“False Accusations”—–

“The Burner Man”—-

“The Flying Christmas Tree”—

“The Importance of Christmas”—

“Dark Secrets Overcome”—-

“Confrontations With Mom”—-

“The House on Phoenix Avenue”—-

“Children center Lesson and Years (Hamden,Connecticut)”—


“The Chase and Ending”—

“Adult Poems of Romance and Lust”—-


The Project Murders, in Broad-View Acres—

“Tick, Tock The Infernal Clock”—

“Fishing Days with Dad”—

“Abraham- A Man of Contradictions”—-

My Maria“—–

“Rusty The Beagle”—-

“Angie’s Folly”—-

“Three Mandolin Murder Mysteries in One!”—-

“Wails of an Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Child”——-

“Three Navy Stories”——

Three Amigos“—–

“Passing on……………………”—-

“God Damn It!”——–

“Women are in Charge!”—–

“WHy Hide It?”—–

“The Poems of W.M.M.”—–

“National Guard Heros——

“The Holy Land Murder”—-

“Romance,Sex and Fools”—–

“What Really Happened to Alex?”—-

“Unattainable Love”—-

“The Northern Woods Murders”—–




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