Time Rolling/Why Must The Days End

     The Time slowly rolls by, and each day bring different adventures, emotions, rushes and pains, and in the end I know tomorrow I shall wake up and do it again. Life must roll on no matter what, as my step-father told me years before he died.  It’s nature, it’s humanity and it’s life.  Enjoy what you have in life and what little pleasures ya get folks, before ya know it, it can be gone in a poof.  Always remember, it is not what you get in life or receive, it’s not material things that count, it’s the emotional ones the, commitment ones and the caring ones that count. Those are what makes you important to the ones you may leave behind !

Well, I haven’t written anything new lately folks, been busy with running to and fro for medical for me and my wife. So when I leave you with something today, I leave you with a poem to read and think on.

I wrote this one years ago in 1990, October to be precise, when my Step-father died of cancer in the hospital.  I called it;

                                             Why Must The Days End?          

Why do the days have to end?

           Why do the nights have to come?

            The Darkness rolls in,

           Night reminding me,

           Of, my past, my sin.



           I didn’t  know what you wanted or needed,

           You refused to say,

           So now I wonder and think,

           All night and through the day.


          I go thru life, a statement reverberating in my mind,

          It’s one I carry with me,

          And shall for all time.


          My father, laid dying on his bed you see,

          And these are the words he said to me:

          My son he said my days have come and gone,

          I shall leave you before for long.


          But live you life to the fullest and enjoy,

          Do today what you love the most,

          Enjoy life to the fullest, and love those around you the deepest,

          For though I be gone and you may cry,

          Please remember these words, I give you to keep and hold.

          Live your life with honesty and truth,

          Be happy, be true, be honest and be bold.


          As I leave you now he said:

          I shall be gone and you will cry,

          But remember this is not really goodbye.


          We are all put here for a purpose, yes a plan.

          When we fulfill that purpose our time has come,

           And our life is done, and I am just a man.


           The days will pass, the weeks will come and go,

           The weeks, will turn to months, the months to years,

           And over time,  you will, have cried all of your tears.

           But live your life for each day you are here,

           For the calendar will continue to roll,

           Time will pass before you know,


            In the end my son,

            We all eventually do what we have been put here for,

             And our time is done.


            Then he rolled his head, in his bed,

            The vomit came, his eyes rolled back in his head,

            And peacefully, and in silence he was dead.


            I remember that day oh so well,

            I remember the fishing trips, the pizzas, the laughter and the tears,

            And have carried his words, with me and lived them for all my years.




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