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       Yesterday, I attended a meeting with my wife of an Organization intended to help people, Financially and many other ways. People today may think many things are scams, lies, even games but this company does what it says it will and pulls it off. Insurance, for health, life, cars, homes,, Legal Help Prepaid , and an option that allows you to get a job part-time or full-time running your own business! Now the thing is you have to like helping people, you have to like people and communicate openly and do the job, or like any other business, you won’t make it. If done right and you follow what those above you say do and follow the program you can be financially free in five to seven years without a problem!  Does it sound good to you, do you think you could handle it and commit to being a worker in it? Contact my wife and ask her about a business opportunity or help in any of the financial areas I mentioned at!

      Next, among some out there, I get complaints on my writing, and stories. They say I did not make them long enough to be called books, I admit I only do short stories not long books and I don’t charge much for what I write. I am only beginning to understand writing as a hobby and job and trying to make what I write as worth while to others and convey what I felt or lived through or what my mind creates for fictional stories. So if you read my works most were not intended to be books but were written into book form for me to make a few dollars extra any help would be appreciated.

Now, talking my stories, I did a few new ones I have posted on Amazon’s Kindle E-books; I hope some will find them interesting enough to try them: 

“Disappearing Hams”— A Navy Story with Humor-

“False Accusations”—- A Story of how one child’s false accusations almost ruined many lives!

“The Flying Christmas Tree“——-— The Story of how Christmas went out the back door one year!

“Tick, Tock The Infernal Clock”
My Story I Wrote, on E-Books on Amazon’s KIndle E-Books This is the Kindle Reader App for Windows PCS

As a Disabled American Veteran, I  try to write what I have lived or experienced or every once in a while a totally imaginative story comes to mind and i produce it. I hope when you look at my works, you notice most are fueled by life’s experiences and written in short form because it is how I convey them. Also, since there is not much else a disabled veteran can do, I do this to keep my mind and soul going strong. Thanks to all who read my works and help me to get across the things I say.



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