Battles of Atoms, LIfe, Mankind and What?

       Battles of atoms, and air particles, small explosions everywhere, slowly they join and build what is known as space the final frontier.  Worlds are formed from collisions and stars burn bright because they are old worlds, burning up from burning out. Existence  becomes reality, as small planets are made then added to by collisions with meteors and comets and, more. Suddenly, a planet grows and changes into a livable planet that has atmosphere and a gravity comes into effect, because a moon aligns itself just right. From this point, particles, chemistry takes over and life is formed in nature and we find insects, small animals and fish in the seas, the oceans form and life begins there. Slowly the waters recede and the fish step on land or are stranded there and have to adapt to walking and breathing air to survive. The forces of nature on the planet has begun. Life now springs forth on all four than grows to adapt to two legs and mankind is born from the result. Stop and think, is this where we came from, is this what really happened, what compressed the particles, molecules and atoms into the planet we live on and what put us together in the way it did?

Mankind is ruled by three things, 1) instinct to survive and adapt, 2) Emotions, 3,) the ability to think and react, that is contained in the human brain. The human brain a mass of lightweight, jelly like muscles and electrical impulses, that direct our natures, our thoughts, our reaction and our emotions. As it fires the impulses that keep us going and alive it makes us think, direct and do what we must to survive and learn more. Amazing, isn’t it, and if those electrical impulses in the human brain keep us alive, does the human brain also contain the personality and life soul of the human being themselves?

In comparison, we can look at the ants on the planet, rushing to and fro, gathering food for their queens and building ant hills beneath our own feet , and ask, are we not just like them in many ways? Don’t we , mankind scurry here and there and all about gathering, family, gathering food and creating homes, and exploring the world around us like they do? Yes the ants are below our feet, but who is above us, like we are to them? Good Question I would gather and few shall ever answer it if anyone will, I doubt it can be answered.  So as you scurry about the planet working, eating, dancing, living, playing and emoting, stop just for a moment and think, what if above us there is a larger more powerful being, we are underneath really and they step on us like we do the ants? Will people cease to exist then?




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