Race,Stand Your Ground/Cancer/Stories

       July rolls along folks and the country hits a heat wave after a heat wave, we can fry eggs on some sidewalks these days. Stay out of the sun, stay cool, get air conditioning, drink lots of fluids and soon it may be over. Heat weaves are thing that happen in the world due to climate changes, pollution and global warming, so all anyone can do with it as human beings, is live with it the best they can.

Next, I am tired of this caucasian versus african american bullshit, on television, I am tired of normal terms being racist, I am tired of black who can call white crackers, or crackas, and then cry when white call them black! Come on folks lets face facts here it is all bullshit, and you all know it. I am sorry to say this, but I don’t hate african americans, whites, hispanics, orientals or any other race, nationality or color, I do hate the fact when one thing id done wrong by one person a whole race jumps another race and calls us racial and unfair. Thats crap folks and I am hear to say it.  And yes I understand the projects, and apartments and rough neighborhoods I grew up in one. I grew up in a project where all races were mixed, white, and blacks were lovers and friends, not enemies. we didn’t care if a someone helped you nor were we scared if someone fought you, we didn’t thing well that black boy hit me, nor did we think any other color hit me, we though bully! Bully’s come in all colors, all nationalities and all races, not just one. sad to say but yes in someways, there is still some discrimination in america, but come on folks, lets face the facts here, all of us did not write the Stand Your Ground Laws in Florida.

I refuse to listen to the Reverend Sharpton and Jackson when it comes to calling the Martin killing a racial incident thats crap.  No one screamed any racial names, no one stopped to say I am killing you because your white or black or anything else. What happened is a tragic event yes and I feel for Trayvon’s Mother and Father and grieve their loss with them as a country should, and will face possible changes in the laws. But be realistic here please, the whites or caucasians did not kill your son, nor did he die on a whim or a dream or from being different in color or race, he died in a tragic event for both sides, believe it. Zimmerman will never be able to live in peace and find gainful employment and Trayvon will never return home.

Across the world events are taking place with more wars and miseries to come. Syrians are being killed left and right Egypt is in unrest once more, Afghanistan is still in turmoil and pain, the Middle East is a smorgasbord of pain and suffering and death. All Americans are being sent to fight these wars to help these people , regardless of color, race, nationality, or anything else. We do it to stop war, pain and suffering, can we stop the suffering of racial inequalities here at home in America, by stopping to think of this: we all eat, drink, live, bleed and die of the same things folks. Cut me and I bleed red, and my blood inside is really blue till it hits the air. No matter your skin color it is the same for you I know it. I served 16 years military, in three branches protecting my country and giving all I have, and skin color has no problem when your being shot out, or hunted or have to defend your country does it. We all eat at the same mess halls in the military, we all go to the same Doctors, and Hospitals, attack America and we all join forces at once to defend it, so lets stop the bullshit of racial discrimination and pointing fingers and screaming, and remember if this were a communist country no one would be heard to raise their voices, we would be shot for it, so do so peacefully and the right way folks.

Finally, with that said and done, as to my feelings on it all. I can now move on to the next subject. Between 1984 and 1991 I lost three people to cancer who were at one time a part of my life growing up. One my birth father- lung cancer,two my mother lung cancer, three my stepfather cancer again, before them in 1970 my grandfather on my mother’s side died of cancer too. The gene for it seems to be in the family and we all know it’s a killer. 

Now comes the part I hate because i now hack and cough up flem and blood, I breathe roughly and know something is wrong too. I hack and wheeze when breathing, and sometimes can’t stop, so I had a cat scan done. Finding dark shadows in my lungs is what i got folks. Is it cancer I do not know yet, but next is a Pulmonary Clinic and then a Pet Scan to find out. No one said cancer cares who you are or what color or age or race, it is just here. If I die from it, I know I did what I can to prevent it is all, but I can’t change it or anything else, so acceptance is my only way to go, I shall see after tests is all.

On that note, today I leave you with links to my stories once more, at least a few of them: I hope you will buy some and enjoy:

“Disappearing Hams”—http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DZPFKYS

“Dark Secrets Overcome”—-http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DJR1OKG

The Project Murders, in Broad-View Acres—-http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00D3QZZU8



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