Zimmerman/ Martin/ Navy Story of Humor

       As America debates racial hatred and profiling of people, remember one thing no matter what color, race, nationality or sex you be, we all bleed, we all hunger, we all want, we all need, we all love and we all need one another to survive. Would a 17 year old boy, want the world to erupt into a racial war over his death? I doubt it Ladies and Gentlemen, yes it is a shame and a tragedy that  Trayvon Martin is gone, but does that mean we must make this a racial war and let it ruin the American nation made of of all kinds? Sadly people will work to incite problems more than work to solve them, we don’t need loud, violent protests, the State of  Florida is reviewing the Stand Your Ground Laws, The Justice Department is looking at Civil Charges against George Zimmerman, but the fact is you can’t do double jeopardy folks! The laws do not allow for it, and it is not necessary in this case. As time will prove, no matter where George Zimmerman may go or live, he will be looking over his shoulder forever and that should be punishment enough for him now. You can’t run and hide from the facts or life can you?

Attached you will find the link to a Navy Story I wrote that took place on my first ship I served on in the US Navy. I call it a story of navy life and humor and how a bunch of navy enlisted sailors out smarted Officers and no one got hurt!

Disappearing Hams
A Navy story of humor, and sailors out smarting Officers

I hope some will try it, enjoy it and get a giggle or two from it!


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