The Writings of Mine on Kindle e-books on Amazon

Try one of my stories and help a Veteran sell some!

“Angie’s Folly” —-

“My Maria”——-
“The House on Phoenix Avenue”—–

“False Accusations”

A true story of how abuse ruined not one, but three families and lasted for decades!

“Dark Secrets Overcome”

A story of False Accusation of sexual abuse and the destruction the original criminal did not only to his family but to mine too from the period from 1978 to 2013!

“Confrontations With Mom”

My battles with Mom revealed and explored


My ChildHood in a Short Story of Truth!

“Adult Poems of Romance and Lust”

“Mackey” an empathy!
only .99 cents on Kindle’s E-books

The Project Murders, in Broad-View Acres

My latest little book! Available Now

“Women are in Charge!”

Wails of an Attention Deficit And Hyper Active Child

Real Life event in a true story!

By me! “Unattainable Love”The story of a Forty Year Love Affair from a Distance and the reasons it never was fulfilled! The Holy Land Murder-2.99 The Disease- 1.99 Tick Tock, The Infernal Clock-3.99 per copy
Murder Mystery coverts three generations, solved by Estrangement and Time!




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