Weather/ Politics, Zimmerman/ My Stories to sell !

Well onward and up-wards as they say!. July is moving right along in time and the summer has become more like Seattle’s then Connecticut’s, we get rain it seems like every other day. No Global Warming huh George Bush, it isn’t man-made right, bullshit!. I am not in love with Republicans as you can tell by now if you read my blog, they are the most selfish, lazy, politicians I have even seen. They get elected to office to serve the people and the country, then they block everything and anything going through the House or Congress, stupid bastards, excuse my french.

Next subject, people i don’t care if you are caucasian, african american, hispanic, or oriental, no racial wars will be allowed in the USA. I know the recent trial of George Zimmerman was televised nationwide, but, it wasn’t about one race versus another, it was about the Florida Self Defense Laws. And because one man, came up innocent in a court of law, does not mean all will either. Here is a thought for all to hear, three men, african american kill a caucasian woman in Chicago, slaughter her for practically no reason, and no news is covering that are they? Why? Simple folks, everything is biased in someway or another, and America allows it to happen. Sad really isn’t it? Why is such a case as that not on HLN or CNN, is it unimportant or what? 

For all who read this, this is my last rant on the above story, I will not say anything anymore. LIfe will go on, but will America the land of the free, and land of the brave stand the test of time or will we crumble like many before us? The Aztecs, The Mayans, the Romans, the Incas all failed to survive due to a few things America must consider now. 1) failing Economies, 2) In Fighting amongst their peoples, excessives, what can be America’s downfall you may ask?  Try racial wars and more! Sadly in America the land of the free and brave bias and racial bullshit still exist! It has to end folks, for here is the bottom line; we all all colors, races, nationalities, have birth rights, we all have rights under the constitution, we all have the bill of rights, but more important than all of the above we are all human beings, born the same way, we can die the same ways and we do. We laugh, we cry, we hate, we love, we eat, we shower and clean ourselves, we get sick , we survive and we all bleed, damn it, the same color!  Sadly America cast aside the first people to be here before any of us, the American Indians, and took their land and country. We shouldn’t have pushed them out or killed them like we did either, sadly their great heritage and culture is dying today due to it all.  Will, the caucasian race be next, or the african american race, or the hispanic or the orientals or Asians?  Yopu tell me people, is america that stupid to cause a racial war, to kill itself off, over 1 person killing another? Sad state of affairs if you ask me!

Final for July 15th 2013 in the morning, as I always do I leave you with links to my stories I wrote and put on Amazon’s Kindle e-books, I also have taken some to Kobo Books. As a Disabled American Veteran who did his job for the time in service and really can’t do too much anymore I have taken to writing for expression of my life and to help others I hope in someway. I only hope people will read what I write and help me make a few bucks to keep going on.

Links to Stories:”Three Amigos”—-

“The Northern Woods Murders”—–

“Tick, Tock The Infernal Clock”—–

Comments are always welcome, thank you!


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