ZimmerMan’s fate/ Is America Dying?

       Saturday has arrived and The Zimmerman case is now in the juries hands and they will decide this man’s fate. As they deliberate and do the process, I remind Americans of all races and colors, whatever they decide is the final answer, no violence or anger or problems should happen. Sadly yes a 17 year old boy was killed, but so have many others been killed over time of all races, colors and nationalities. Justice will take care of the case and there is no reason for an attempted racial war of any kind. For no matter what, we all understand losing a child before his or her time and before we go ourselves, hurts us. We all bleed, we all cry. we all laugh and we all have emotions, feelings, and humanity in us. We all feel for the Martin Family as well as for the Zimmerman family, in one way or another both families will lose not only a son, but their reputation in society. Think about it all ok!

        Next talking about fates, what is the fate of America in the World as it is today? Are we the next great society to go under like the Aztecs,  Mayans and Romans before us? Is America slowly burning itself out as a Nation, Society and Civilization? Good question is you ask me, our economy tanks, our politics stall, and our country loses position in the worlds cultures as we go along, are we dying out?

        My final piece for today is a link to my lil books and stories  on Amazon’s Kindle e-books: I hope in someway my stories of family abuse, romance, military life and more including murder stories will sell and give folks something to read. My Newest story posts are Christmas ones:

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When you lay your children to bed at night no matter what color, race or nationality teach them equality, teach them love, teach them we are all humans. We all are the same, we cry, we laugh, we bleed, we care and we make mistakes. God Bless all!





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