Zimmerman’s Trial/ Second LIfe/ Danger in Internet Chats

       Today July 12th, 2013, George Zimmerman‘s trial will hit the six female jurors for a decision. But before it does, I would like to make my comments on the situation and the case in general and in some specifics.

While in bad neighborhoods across America and the world , people formed watch groups to prevent crime in their areas, not all walk around with guns in their belts. But that said, Zimmerman had a license to carry a firearm for the purpose of protection so no biggie there. Secondly, there is no law preventing anyone from watching anyone else from a safe distance and reporting what they see or are worried about.  This is America and freedom is a right earned.  That  said, lets look at the actual case and someone prove to me, how you know George Zimmerman started the fiasco that killed Trayvon Martin? Now let me state it clearly, no one knows whether Zimmerman approached Martin or vice versa, which makes a sad case of no proof for the prosecution.  Trayvon’s injuries show he was on top of Zimmerman, his knees and arms are scraped. In the meantime, Zimmerman’s head was bounced off the pavement at least six times. his nose was broken, and the Doctors all said the same, Zimmerman did not get a hit in on Martin. But the facts are what will determine the result of the case in a court. Six women will get the case to decide on whether Martin attack Zimmerman or the other way around and did Zimmerman do right or wrong when that pistol went off? Before the decision is heard or even put to the jury in this case, I would like to state an important factor here, there is no racial factor here it seems, because Zimmerman is hispanic and Martin African American. But imagine if you would if this was a white man who shot a black boy! Would a racial war start in America if the man was not convicted. probably.  It does go to prove that racial profiling, discrimination and prejudice have no place in America and should be put aside for we are all human, all alive and we all bleed, hurt and die. Interesting point is it not?

        Next Rant so to say, yesterday I was on the internet in Second Life minding my own and mentioning that I blog daily and that I completed my blog for the day. Sadly, I was told I am a drooling, old coot who blogs daily and nothing else and it led to me defending myself and then reporting it to the clubs owner. Sadly, the person said it, doesn’t know of my 16 years in the military, my serving in three different branches or my injuries from doing so, like PTSD, Sleep Apnea  and six bad discs in my spine, three in my lower back and three in my neck. Nor did they understand the power of the written and spoken word it seems. But that has all passed now it was yesterday and settled, today is a new world and day. But before you judge anyone you do not know, be careful, you may be attacking someone who saved your ass in time of peace and war.

         I live my life today asa Disabled Veteran who can’t do too much in real life and in Second Life I refuse to get into relationships with the opposite sex, for the mind is a thing no one should mess with, and you don’t know if they can handle the emotional commitment or abuse you may give out. I don’t recommend going into Second Life or any other chat program and making relationships with people you have no idea who they may be period. Sadly, it can get them destroyed mentally  emotionally or even physically if it goes beyond the Internet, so be careful folks.



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