Rants on Child Abuse/ and Books to Support and Teach

       I have a passion in life few of my family members know of, I hate anyone who does child abuse, and that includes all kinds of it. I hate physically abusive parents, I hate mentally abusive parents and I hate emotionally abusive parents too. I lived through all of it as a child myself and had to overcome it all as a man as I matured and aged. It is no fun to have PTSD as a child due to it all and have to deal with it when no one knows you really are! I also hate sexual abusers and padophiles of all kinds no matter who they be. The sad part is the world is filled with these monsters and we should eradicate them all or lock them up. They ruin children and people of the future, and make more of themselves, because the victims become abusers, because they don’t know better. Sadly it is a cycle that is sad in life and societies. Laws need to be put in place to halt this disease and problem in American and other societies. The innocents don’t know the difference and follow suit due to the parents who did it to them, they don’t understand what they do, for it is all they know.

Next rant, Wars, I hate wars, I hate hearing Americans are dying for countries who hate us even if we are trying to help them. Say hello to countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, all Muslims, we don’t believe in their ways so they hate us. Sadly, What they don’t know and will never understand is freedom for all. Now I am not knocking all Muslims, my step-father was a Muslim and he raised me ok, even if he was verbally and emotionally and physically abusive. He taught us not to lie, not to steal, be respectful to all and to work hard so those traits I give to him. Yet his anger fits and hurting of others including the children he raised was far wrong. 

OK, I have ranted enough on those subjects for all to see, I will now give ya links to two stories I did and am Selling on Amazon’s Kindle E-books; they concern abuse that occurred in my family and why it happened, welcome to them and I hope it helps mothers and fathers out there not to treat their children the same, they don’t deserve the pain folks! Link #1—-“Confrontations With Mom”—http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DC3BQK0

“Abraham- A Man of Contradictions”—http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CWNZ3Y6

I hope these stories will save some children pain and suffering at home. they deserve better than this!




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