Family, Wars,Facts and Veterans

        IN every family there is a black sheep they say, in my mothers it was her brother, in my stepfather’s it was a brother, in ours it was me. I never fit in see, I was the Lone Wolf, the one who did it his own way through school and friends not at home. Yet I was force into a position of raise my younger siblings and babysit them until I wa sold enough to finally go out on my own in some capacity.  Sometimes black sheep’s turn out to be the best of all of them, because we learn so much so earlier we begin to apply it sooner and make it on our own, and go back and help our siblings along too. So, being a Black Sheep or a Lone Wolf as they call me and all of us who are one is not all bad, for we do what we need to protect family, friends from dangers and to bring together who we want and love or who may be missing!

       Ok, next subject I have seen the Train Crash in Quebec a place where my grandfather was born and lived. I am saddened by the deaths and the wreckage it has placed upon their city and people. They need help and I am sure we will supply some as their American Neighbors. God Bless the families who have taken the losses and I pray they find more alive.

Next, lets rant some about wars, I hate wars of any kind, and Syria is trying desperately to pull us in, but we will not go, we have died enough lives for people who do not care for us. No other country in the world gets involved in so many wars and problems than America, why is that? We could not police, Korea, Vietnam, nor can we police Egypt, or Syria, nor can we choose the way they wish to Govern their people and nations, when will we learn, we are not the world’s protection force or police force!

All of the above said, I wish to leave you with a story today. It is a small story I wrote and made into a very small book at a cheap price on Amazon’s Kindle E-Books, I hope it makes sense to you all:

“National Guard Heros”—–

Tells the tale of two Vietnam Vets who stayed military, came to the Guard and taught younger people and showed their PTSD and faults too. I call them Heros!


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