Rants on LIfe, Death and Story links

      What most do not understand in life are a few basic facts, for all to learn. 1) Just because your family doesn’t mean you will all get along! 2) Life is really short in time for all, so if you never say I am sorry or admit you’re wrong, you will live a long lonely life. 3) Loneliness is caused by people refusing to tell the truth, lashing out in anger or just plain being stupid, wake up!

       People do mature at different rates both females and males alike. One day your playing with dolls and cars and the next you’re playing electronic toys then finally you out grow it all and relax and don’t care about keeping up with the world!  It’s all in periods of your lives if you allow life to happen.

      People fear death in the world for it is not what they expect, but we all will face it. Go calmly when you do, be peaceful and kind and who knows what you will find on the other side. No one can remember it thats for sure, because no one survives it to tell us what it is like. Is it lights out, is it fade to black, is it a heaven and hell? We shall never answer such questions while we are alive is all I can say. Story LInk:

“Children center Lesson and Years (Hamden,Connecticut)”—http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00D6VAS6Q

“The Chase and Ending”—-http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00D6GD8ZY




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