Memories, Stories and Quebec’s Disaster

      A new day and a holiday gone by, new family met, and fun times had, and thru it all we laughed, cried and had a ball, one heck of a fun time. Sparklers, cakes, burgers, dogs and laughter, ya can’t go wrong!

I have seen and cried for those burnt to death and destroyed in the Quebec oil burn-up. Sadly accidents do happen and since my moms family came from there and I have visited it, and I am part Canadian french I hope the Quebec’s well and hope they recover quickly!

War, poverty, pain, and more are everywhere. We suffer in the world for the sins of our forefathers and others as well as our own. Life and the way you live it doesn’t have to be attached to  the church or religion, it does have to be attached to truth, honesty, caring and love. And that is the most important thing to remember at all times!.

That said, I will today leave you with a reminder of what family is and means with some stories I have written and am selling on Amazon’s Kindle E-books:“What Really Happened to Alex?”—

“Passing on……………………”—

“Wails of an Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Child”—-



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