July 7, 2013

      Had a great July 4th and Holiday with long lost relatives and my sis and more. My daughter the kids and her hubby too, was one hell of a party!

       My back is out of sorts from the activity, yet I shall survive a long time, I am not ready to leave the earth yet. Pain rules my world these days, and it seems fun is few and far apart, but I do what I do with all my heart. I write stories and poems and tales you see, all about my loves, my life and whom I be. The things that I love are important to me, God Bless them all for , I love them for free.

        In closing on this 7th of July and my holiday with my grandchildren and daughter and relatives comes to an end, I hope they all realize this old man is not just a relative who loves them all, but also a friend.

         I leave you with a story to read of family and passing on the love and respect all need: “Passing on……………………”——http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CMXC952 This is the kind of story my grandchildren should know andlove for it tells them material things are not important but the things of love and the soul are!




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