Remembering, Holiday and Heros

     The 3rd of July 2013 has arrived,  a day which was my mom’s birthday in 1932. So, Happy Birthday Mom, May you Rest in Peace!

In my family, we were not a very close-knit bunch, at least in the core unit I grew up in. There was many reasons for this and all were associated with the parents I grew up with. Mom, married twice, and had two of us by her first, and then three by her second. There was always a dividing line between the two sets of kids, which I tried to bridge in many ways, but never fully did, except with my sister whom I love dearly. I will never  allow anyone to hurt my sister and I love her dearly and she loves me. We made our relationship work and always will Mom. I can’t change the brothers, or the fact one of us died at 30, but I can hold to my sister and her to me.

That said and done, I don’t know if mom or dad, or my step-father would recognize America as it is today. They came from the we generation and it was always one for all and all for one with them. Like I said, in their final years, all dying of cancer America began to change to what I call the Me, Me Generation of today.  Back in the old days people helped their neighbors, or stopped to help someone on the street with a flat or car problems. Today they will run ya over before they will help ya, and everyone fear, everyone else. It’s really a sad thing.

As we all get ready to celebrate America’s Annual Celebration of the Date of Independence, I want to wish all a Happy Holiday with family and friends to keep close by. For all Veterans who served and were either injured  or served in times of war or peace, I wish all a peaceful joyful day, pain free and with those you love, we served not for our sakes, but to protect the virtues, dreams and rights of the people we love and care about, and all Veterans deserve respect. 

With the Holiday in mind and the celebration too, I will give you now a link to a story I wrote, that bring a little humility to the Holiday and Celebration: Tells talk real HerosNational Guard Heros”—-

As you throw fireworks to the skies and picnic and swim, think of those who gave their health, mentally and physically or those lifes to protect this country with the greatest freedoms in the world.




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