Remembering Mom, Her birthday is Tomorrow!

       In 1932 on July 3rd, my mother was born. She wasn’t perfect no person is, but she did do one job for all of her kids, she taught us right from wrong and kept us alive. I miss her at times for she could be smarter than an owl, and wiser than a king. But in the end, her emotions would get the better of her, and not everything would come out right in the end. But in the end, she was still mom and all I ever had in my life that was steady, and I give that to her. She died in October of 1991 of cancer of the lungs, one year and one day after her second husband died of the same thing. So, for her and my step-father, after all their love and fighting together, their giving and taking and more, my sister and I paid to bury them together. They deserved eternity together, for it was when they were together alone, that they loved best and were happiest. So, as July 2nd rolls on and the 3rd approaches, I just want to wish my mom eternal peace on her birthday. Loved ya Mom, even if none of us knew how to show it while you lived!

Talking about mom and her birthday and such I give you the link to my story about mom and I called:

 “Confrontations With Mom”—-

It explains why we were always at loggerheads and fighting and why things ended up the way they did. Hope  other mothers and children will read it and not let it happen between them .Image


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