Welcome to July & Tick Tock My Story

Welcome to July 2013 and the beginning 4Th of July Holiday! The Fireworks will go crazy again like every year but be constrained mostly to backyard and park venues. Money is tight folks and so are the laws now a days, lets not hurt ourselves or anyone else. be careful!  While you are  resting try my short story;     Tick, Tock The Infernal Clock”


My Story I Wrote, on E-Books on Amazon’s Kindle E-Books

http://www.amazon.com/Amazon-com-Kindle-for-Android/dp/B004DLPXAO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1369313575&sr=8-1&keywords=kindle+software+for+pc This is the Kindle Reader App for Windows PCS



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