Sickness/4Th Of July Holiday/ Romance Stories

     June 30th, 2013,  begins with a  cup of coffee, a hacking cough and some rest from the day before from sickness. I hack, my lungs are filled with fluid at times, my throat tickles and drives me to cough more. It’s like an endless cycle that one can’t escape. A Trip to the Doctor the day before brought antibiotics for the next ten days at 100 mgs. per shot, twice a day. The fever broke on its own, but the cough doesn’t let up easily and affects my sleeping some. Ah well, one thing at a time is all I can do.

     As the 4th of July is now one day closer, Americans minds are going out to wild weekends, barbecues, families and parties. As we set ourselves up for the celebration of the birth of Independence and becoming our own nation. As the fireworks go off all over our land soon with the night skies filled with colors, the beaches filled people in bathing suits, and children frolicking around, be careful of sunburns, skin cancer, eating too much and poison ivy and more out there. Lets stay healthy and have clean good fun folks and hurt no one, peace is now why we still exist today. Remember our Forefathers fought for our freedoms, our right to practice our own faiths in peace. our right to bear arms and protect ourselves, and against taxation without representation. We won folks so we now tax ourselves with our own government, and we have our rights, all because our forefathers believed we deserved to be a nation under god of our own. Enjoy it.

As June 2013 passes this year and July comes in tomorrow we have reached the second half of 2013, will it be poor or better, I wish I knew. I hope for the best and make plans to hang on through the worst, and recommend the same for all Americans out here. The world is a cruel, harsh place when it comes to money, jobs, economies and living period. We fight for survival doing all we can to save for ourselves and our children and theirs too. It’s what mankind is supposed to do to survive and we do it well. But at what expense to our planet, as we deplete its resources, and pollute our waters and pollute the air we breath too. How long do we think planet earth will take being stripped, mined, polluted and destroyed by mankind, before it has no more to give and dies as a husk taking us with it?

My ranting is over now for if I continue on I won’t leave myself room for tomorrows blog in my mind. In the meantime, I have taken up writing as many who read this now know, because you have either read about it here, stopped by my works and tried one, or heard it through other means such as Facebook, MySpaceMyyearbook, etc. I spread it around using this blog of course and hope to sell some short stories I used Amazon Kindle to make into short books. Many of mine are based on real life, and they are about my life and how I grew up. Some are Military in nature and yet to come too, I did some Murder Mysteries also as well as a few romantic stories. So, I can only offer so many here at a time:

“Angie’s Folly” —-
“My Maria”——-
“The House on Phoenix Avenue”—–


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