Child Rearing, discipline, and Stories

Lets talk child rearing and what’s wrong in America today, versus what was right in America at one time. When I say this, I say it because I see it in today’s children, being raised by the parents of today and the tears since the 1980s’  

When I grew up you spoke back to a parent you got a smack across the face or smack on the ass and ya learned to behave, Do it today and a cop is called because you hit your kid, that’s bullshit folks.  Sometimes it takes a good smack or swat to fix a child’s attitude, or behavior in a major way. The old rule of  a smack a day wasn’t good either, but sometimes it is necessary to make them realize they did wrong.

When I grew up if you lied you got a mouth full of soap to taste. Today they get away with it boldly and no one says a word to them. Why? I believe in proper punishment for proper crimes so to say. No I do not condone child abuse in any manner, means or way, but there is a time when you have to make a child listen and behave, they have to learn somehow and talking to them as Bill Cosby said in the 1980s, doesn’t always work either. Parents must walk a thin line on any physical punishment whether it be a spank or a smack, not go wild and destroy your child’s mental state for life.

Next, I see tons of advice and articles up on the internet regarding Hyperactive and attention deficit disorder children. I read the articles to find how in today’s society and medical practices how these children are being handled. In my days as a child many were misdiagnosed as emotionally unstable children and institutionalized. Sadly it was wrong than and no one realized what they were doing, so these children got exposed to others who were really emotionally damage and unstable and live with it as a sort of PTSD today. Other I have seen were medicated with drugs like Ritalin and slowly weaned off as they got older, but found out to have never overcome the disorder.  Drugs disguise the symptoms but they don’t remove them folks. and most children born with hyperactivity and attention deficit grown out of it as they get older, their minds and bodies adjust. Of course like any other medical problem, it sometimes take time for the balance to happen in the human mind and body. But the doesn’t mean your child is not normal. it means they more at a faster pace than most and know more than they should about life.

       That said and done, which is one of my pet peeves and rants, I can now move on to my favorite things to do. I will give you a link today to a few of my personal stories i call them because they are based on my real life. I hope some will read and understand, why and how I can say what I did above.

“Wails of an Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Child”—-


“The Chase and Ending”—-

“Children center Lesson and Years (Hamden,Connecticut)”—-

These stories are my stories about my life, it may help someone else to understand for their children what not to do!


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