Weather, Murders/ and Stories

       Friday has arrived and that leaves us two more days to June in 2013, time flies indeed. In Connecticut here where I live we have so far lived through a summer of rain, and more rain, I am tempted to build an ark these days, due to it all.

   Immigration Reform seems the ho topic right now in Congress, both Houses. The Senate ran up a bill for it, and of course The House has to approve it also, but will they I doubt it. The Republicans want to be the ones to write the bill for immigration, but they want to do it on their own so Obama and the Democrats can have it to brag on. Stupid shit ya ask me!.

        Lets talk Murders and why there seem to be more and more of them in America, and Why? It seems our society always had murders yes, but the sudden increase in them is unbelievable. Seems every day you turn on CNN, or your local News or look in the paper someone is killing another person why? America’s society in the 1950s, 1960s. and 1970s, was based on and ran well on the spirit of all for one and one for all. We would stop and help a stranger on the side of the road or hurt and not think twice about it.  The 1980s and 1990s we became a society of me, me, and all me, and the hell with you! Sad isn’t it, I think so, but thats life now, and is it any good for the nation or the world, no, yet we still do it. Murderers come in both sexes and from all walks of life it seems, they kill for fun, to make a point, or some other wild and weird reason. Then suddenly they get their televised trial and then they disappear into the prison system forever or to await death sentences. But the reasons for them killing is never really found out, were the mentally unbalanced, were the mad and rageful or something else. No one will know, but we have to blame our own society for it all, don’t we?

       Next, I attached links to my stories on Amazon’s Kindle E-Books and hope some will buy them and help an old veteran who is disabled make some bucks and survive. So Today I will give ya a few more to check out that I write and Published: “The Northern Woods Murders”—-

“Women are in Charge!”—-

“Dark Secrets Overcome”——–


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