Humankind, The Planet/Story

    Thursday has arrived and the 4th, of July is closer now, as well as what may be the first time one of my daughters comes to visit me at my home. I live each day with the knowledge of not doing everything correct in my younger days, but the divorce I went through had nothing to do with me. It was caused by my ex-wife’s family problems that went back to her father and his bullshit he pulled. Anyway, that is another story in and of itself. Sadly, the only one that could recover did and that is me.

    As June of 2013 rolls towards it’s end, the weather here on the east coast has been more like the weather in Seattle, Washington then Connecticut. They say no such thing as Global Warming well someone is full of shit. It does exist, humankind are the only species on the planet that destroys the atmosphere and land resources we have, to live on it. One day we shall destroy both and have nowhere to run to. Mankind is killing itself, as well as the planet, it doesn’t have unlimited resources to burn and give up anymore than a human body does. Someday, Mankind will realize it, and when they do, I think it will be too late.

I see NFL Stars become murders, I see people in panics over stock markets rising and falling and I see health problems ahead for all too. I see job markets thin and barely moving and money so tight it is being squeezed red from the green it was printed with. Sadly America, needs to turn it all around by exporting more, importing less, changing the game plan and getting creative, if not, it could be the end is near for the Great American Civilization in history, and we may go the route of prior ones.

      My Closing today is a link to my story I wrote; This one is a Murder Mystery with a surprise twist ending: The Project Murders, in Broad-View Acres  I hope some will try it!




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