Hump Day, Time, Wars, Stories

      Hump day is here and it seems as my step-father said many years ago, Seconds turn into Minutes, Minutes into Hours, Hours into Days,Days into Months and Months into Years as we age and carry on whatever mission we were put on earth to do. Yes I know it doesn’t sound right to some who believe in Religion but the facts can not be argued, we come and go each at different periods of time, don’t we.

       Next subject pain, killing, wars, murders and more. can someone please tell me why human being are so violent, hateful and such killers. Is it the social world of America or the whole world that creates these people? And how did we stop it, we need some great minds to solve it.

       OK, my rants are done and for a rave or two I would like to give you a link to stories I wrote and published on Amazon.s Kindle E- Books. The stories and poem I have done, range in types from Murder Mysteries, to Poems, to Love Stories , so I cover a large spectrum of works. And before you judge me or my works, remember a few things. 1)0 I am 57 and retired. 2) I am a Disabled American veteran with six bad discs, PTSD and Sleep Apnea.  So, my spelling is not always correct, but understandable and I try to tell stories, in the order the events happen I have done, Fiction and Non-Fiction too. So, a few links for all to check out: 

“Confrontations With Mom”

My battles with Mom revealed and explored

My ChildHood in a Short Story of Truth!
“Adult Poems of Romance and Lust”




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