June, The 4th on it’s Way, Meaning

     June is running by quickly this year and we are now getting closer to summer’s biggest Holiday, The Fourth of July, in America. The skies will light up all over the place as fireworks go off, and people gather to party outside in the hot weather and night. Children will get to stay up a bit later to see the skies light up, parents will show the children the sky and smile and laugh with them. God Bless America!!!  But do any of the children today understand what the celebration is really about, do they know America fought to be independent and won? Do they understand what our Founding Fathers wrote when they gave us the COnstitution and the Bill of Rights? Do they know who George Washington was, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, and Patrick Henry and Paul Revere and Ben Franklin were? If not parents it is a day to teach and let them understand why they live in the land of the free and home of the brave!

To go along with the Holiday and time of year we are in I give so warnings, about fires, the dangers of swimming, grills, and being careful when doing all of the above. Try to watch one another and keep safe through it all.

     Final for the day; I wrote a short story and posted it as a little book on Amazon’s Kindle E-Books which is appropriate for the 4th of July Holiday Celebration;“National Guard Hereos”—-http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CIH88HU It’s all about two Veterans who served in Vietnam, suffered their PTSD, hid it and showed it one night at an Armory and explained it. Welcome to it, I hope you understand and like it!






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