Random Thoughts for Monday!

     Monday has been a bad day for the markets as it drops another 117 points today, the economy has lost a lot of money in the last week or so. Hopefully it will turn around for all and make the dollar worth more. Economically the US is doing ok, it is not blasting through the roof nor is going great guns. If ya ask me we run around a B for a Grade in my book.

As tight as the economy exists in the USA, it will be worst for other nations around the world. China is hurting, Europe is going down slowly and hurting and all of us are connected and can be driven or dragged down together it is all interconnected in the world.

Next Subject Justice in America is become warped and unreal in nature. O.J. Simpson got away with murder in my opinion, Casey Anthony  got away with whatever happened to poor Callie, Finally a charge stuck in the Jodi Areas case. So what is wrong with American Justice these days, well I can tell you one thing, lawyers and experts in fields like DNA are getting way too technical for the average juror. You can’t get too technical or you lose the average person who will man a jury. You need to simplify the data with simple statements, like it is one in a billion chance it is someone else who did it. That said next?

Next subject folks, I am hearing some decent comments regarding my latest writing work. My Dark Secrets Overcome, is being read and i am told it is a pretty good story as a non-fiction story goes. It covers the years from 1978 to present and family matters that happened regarding sexual abuse, and crimes and false accusations and recover from them. And the end results as it sits today.

I made some edits to it online on Amazon- so as soon as it is available again I will repost the link to it.


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