End Wars,Build Family/And Learn from Past Mistakes

      Sunday has arrived once more and life seems to go on, but the world is cruel to too many in it. At least the societies that are out here are killing each other off for what reasons I know not. I tire of Wars, I tire of hearing of killings and deaths left and right, it all depresses me big time. Why can’t mankind learn to compromise to survive and get along? Sadly mankind has been killing itself off slowly since the day of its creation, we believe we are each of us better than those who came before us, and it is not always true folks!

From an American‘s point of view, we didn’t belong in Korea, we didn’t belong in Vietnam, we didn’t belong in Iraq, or Afghanistan and now we do not belong in Syria either. Why do we get involved, simple we have to prove we are the powerhouse or strong country to watch out for and lead right? Wrong, I say to our government and to the american people. I ask that you look more closely at taking care of America and Americans first before you go fighting someone else’s argument, realize that if you took all the money for weapons, supplies, transportation of troops and weapons back and put it back into the American Economy we would be much better off than fighting wars we can’t win! Ok That is  my Rant for the day, and believe me if I had a million dollars I would use it to stop wars on earth!

Next subject, Family, Family women and gentlemen is not always who you were born next in line to, or who you grew up with for many of us. My case is simple, I grew up running from house to house with surrogate parents instead of my own caring for me. At least on an emotional basis, I had surrogate parents in many places who helped me learn life and peace. Sadly our family units are not always the best and most stable unit to grow up in, so we look for replacements.

One more thing today to put out there, I write because I have lived a life of a mixture of turmoil, pain and hope and recovery. I write of true loves, true pains, and true recoveries. Every once in awhile I throw a bit of fiction and most of the time non-fiction out there. Most of what I have written and now published on Amazon’s Kindle E-books is based on truth, verbaten from my mind and mouth to yours, to learn from and read and laugh some at. My tears, fears, years, loves and military stories will be released as I go along I am sure, each intense yet readable in their own right I hope. 

I did a short  period of time in the Army, and was never happy with my position or job there. I was young and didn’t last and it was not the Army’s fault but mine. From there I went on to The Army National Guard here in Connecticut and learned responsibility, duty, commitment from Veterans who served in wars across the globe. Then I went on to the Navy, where I served until I could not anymore, due to spinal injuries. The point being service won’t hurt anyone who wants to do it, I recommend it to all young folks. Discipline, education and honest work go a long way in the world.

The End of today’s blog is my Newest Book I put on Amazon’s Kindle E-Books; When you read it if you do, and believe me I hope some do, please remember it is real, it happened and it shows the dangers of not knowing who you may marry, what their past may be, or what happened to them before you met them. I leave you today with the link for the Little Book I wrote:

“Dark Secrets Overcome”

This is a True Story, Non-Fiction folks and is about false accusations, Sexual Abuse,Trials and Lawyers and in the end Overcoming the lies!





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