New Story finished, Primerica Info and A story for sale!

      Saturday has arrived and I did finish my latest story, for book release yesterday, I called it Dark Secrets Overcome! It is now in the publishing stage at Amazon Kindle– E-books and when it comes out I will post a link here!

Primerica Financial Services, does so much more than just sell insurance, they save lives and provide for families you leave behind. They help you become financially independent on your own too. They do more for people everyday than any other Financial Service or Insurance Company can and leave families when they lose loved ones with a way to survive. If you need Financial Advice or Security Advice contact my wife,, leave a name and number for her to call you and she will. If You need a job that allows you to work your own hours and create your own company this is a way to go folks!

Last but not least I leave all of you with a link to a Book I did on Amazon’s Kindle e-Books, and put up for sale: “God Damn It!”—– a Murder Mystery by Me


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