Primerica/ and Help/ My Story as a Add in to read

      Sometimes you find yourself in a position of looking for something to rant about and others time you don’t. It’s a matter of what day and what subject may hit me, for in my book, I can’t rant and rave if there is nothing to do so about.

Yet today I can rave a bit about Primerica a Financial Advisor and Insurance Sales Company. Primerica can save millions of people millions of dollars if you would let them, by finding your lower rates on Insurance for your life, home or car and getting you into the Securities to give you money for old age to retire. Primerica searches and offers not only financial advice and assistance but also, a way to make money and work at your own pace. People across our state and the country should look into it as a place to work and make social contacts as well as money. If you do what Primerica tells you properly and follow thru you could be a millionaire in 5 years. It’s a system that is not a pyramid scam, it’s people helping people get rich and self-sustaining and have something to pass on to their future generations.

Primerica would like to hire decent, intelligent people who can sell and get licenses in Insurance they will pay for you to get the first one from them and the state you live in. You can get course thru them and a Securities License also so you can help people save and create money on their own. Once you help someone to make it, you will understand why it is great for you and the Client!

      Enough Raving on that subject, except to say if your interested in finding a job, you want to make money and survive and work your own hours, Primerica is for you!  You can find my wife who works with them, and she will sign ya up for a job or help you with insurance or more; at

Next subject: my latest story/book is now over  five thousand words and growing soon to come to an end. I do short stories folks and poems and they cover military life. relationships, romances, and mysteries. I hope some will read them, I keep putting them up as E-Books on Amazon’s Kindle site.

“Unattainable Love”— is one of my stories for sale. Please give it a try to see what ya think!



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