Get The Abusers, Stop The Churches!

     When younger before you get married, we all fall in love and then want to get married and have children of our own to carry on the family line and name. So we don’t do thorough investigations on the people we meet and marry. I recommend people, that you do, or you can get more trouble and pain than you may ever want and live with it forever.

We rush into love and lust and marriage and pay no attention to the little faults in who we love or want. We also tend to not think about their families who become our in-laws at all, we accept them because they produced who we love. When in fact many families in America and across the world hold dark, deep secrets and some of them can either kill or at least mess up your life for decades to come.

Families hide criminals in them, and tend to not report certain crimes and by the time you learn of them, your in jail or booted out of the life of the one you loved and your own children’s lives too. Don’t buy the old story of oh they are religious and a good quiet family either. The Catholic Church hides perverts and hypocrites in it big time and behind it too. They walk in and out of churches every Sunday or ever day of religious holidays and no one pays attention to them at all. Yet they have destroyed their own lives, their children’s lives and committed crimes they should be executed or at least jailed for life, from.

Mental, Physical  Sexual Abusers come in all forms shapes and sizes and both male and female. We all know that much, but it is the Catholic and other churches that hide these monsters in their congregations. They go to church every week and sit in confessional booths telling Priests or Pastors their sins and are given penance for them and are forgiven by the churches. Why? And who gave the church the right to hide child molesters, criminals, thieves, or killers? No one did and the legal right to hide these things is bullshit, it should be taken from the Church!

Abuse, of any kind whether admitted to a Religious Clerk, Priest, Pastor or anyone else should be immediately turned over to the Authorities and Police to be prosecuted period.

If the above were done by the CHurches and their personnel, then many victims of abuse would not be walking the world now. Nor would the criminals who produce those victims be able to create more victims. It si an epidemic that should be stopped, as soon as you see it, no matter what your beliefs.  Victims are not only the ones that get it done to them, they are at time those falsely accused of doing it too. So no matter what the world needs to face all of this and cut it off when it starts, report and convict these abusers of physical and sexual and mental nature no matter whom they may be.

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