Life Goes On!

     Truth, versus lies, Innocent versus guilty, mentally unstable versus stability, these are all happening in today’s America. We fight with ourselves trying to decide what is best for ourselves and those around us at all times. It’s like an inner struggle, between good and evil, isn’t it. But like Jo Dee Messenia said in her song, when she said Her Give a Damn is Busted, when we hit that stage we do what will preserve what we have and keep the status Quo, so to say.

 In life, we face decisions that must be made whether we like them or not and have no choices, point one is birth, if we didn’t want to be here, we didn’t have a choice did we?  I know, we didn’t have a choice of parents did we, nope, we don’t control all events in life and many times those events determine their own solutions for us. The sad part is we live with these choices or decisions and we adjust to them and still survive. yet as I said in past posts, life is not ruled by mankind or you or me it is ruled by either god or fate, take a choice, depending on what you believe in of course. It is amazing how things change once decisions are made and how the one who made the decision really ends up regretting it in many cases, but also has to live with it all.

Ants and Mankind have things in common at all times, we work to survive, we build homes and we scurry across the planet doing things to protect and raise our young, and we perpetuate life in each end of the cycle. So as we scurry about, I believe we do so because we were put on earth for a reason each of us. We were born with pre programmed missions imprinted on our souls and minds, and we rush through life, trying to complete them before we perish. Crazy thought right, but can you answer why mankind seems to die when we finish certain things we feel weres et out for us? No we can’t explain Human nature, the miracles of life or all the reasons can we?

       I wrote many poems over my life span and stories too, but in none of them can I explain life or why humans do what we do. I wish to God I could as they say, but humanity is pre-programmed in my mind like I said. Sad isn’t it that people live and die unexpectedly.

That all said and told, I leave you with my story, I wrote for my children and my grandchildren to read and understand the important things in life from and I hope it helps many more too:

“Passing on……………………”—-


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