Politics Pisses me Off!

      Welcome, and this am my blog shall be about the Political Nimcompops in Congress. You can’t keep fighting the White House and President on everything you assholes, nothing gets done! Immigration sits still, ObamaCare sits still, Veteran’s Benefits still still, the Housing market goe sup and down and you do nothing to stabilize a damn thing. What kind of Leadership so we have in Washington? What is  America becoming due to infighting, feuding and more between political parties? Wake up folks, if the Republicans ever want a President of their own they better change what the hell they are doing, they are angering Americans everywhere!

Talking about Politics, the 2016 Presidential race, will be ramping up shortly and whom can each side produce for candidates, that will stand a chance of winning it all? Santorum, Clinton, Romney won’t be back, nor will Mccain for the Republicans, and the Democrats, will indeed need a good back up to Hillary!

       Next subject, July 4th is on it’s way folks. A celebration of Americans Revolution and Independence, which we do each year. I see our Veterans march each year,I see the flags wave and hear the fireworks and feel pride for our young nation! I feel pride in what we live under, our form of Government and the leaders we have, but mostly of those who serve this great nation! For without them we could become almost anything we don’t want to be.

Finally; My link to another story I wrote I hope some will read them for I am trying to get read and noticed some:“National Guard Hereos”—-http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CIH88HU

Good day To All


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