Depression, Mental Health and Help!

      It’s time to delve into the dark world of the human mind and depression, sadly it affects more human beings than anyone realizes It affects people in every family in some way, somehow.

      Doctors use drugs on people with depression caused by chemical imbalances or severe states. And it works for many people and doctors too, but lets talk depression at an everyday level so to say. 

        Depression is a state of mind many fall into and few know how to overcome on their own. It’s a state of mind where no matter what you say and do you 1) Don’t feel like yourself, 2) Can’t handle things around you that take place everyday, 3) have low self-esteem and 4) Can’t deal with people in general so you hide and become introverted and alone in all ways.

       What causes all of the above for many people is family relationships and relationships with others, because your different than them. The fact of low self-esteem come sinto play each day because  others tell you you are worthless and can’t do anything right or look wrong and outcast you. What can be done to help people who are what I call border-line depressed and can slip into depression so fast the may commit suicide, well, we can reach out to and help these people by making them feel they are worth more than they know or think. Build them up, keep them company, teach them new things to do, give them attention. Feed their self-esteem and make them smile some. Life is not a cherry filled pie so to say, but be there to help them through when needed.

      Depression can be ignited by small factors and large too. So it is not a matter of putting people in a protective bubble, but giving them the skills and mindset to handle anything. It’s really starts at birth and childhood and would carry through to adulthood. Anyway, we all suffer moments of depression, it’s just some of us have the skills and abilities to deal with it better than others. some may never show it to you, but it’s there in the little signs if ya look close enough.





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