Sunday, Religion, My Belief

     Sunday has arrived and the day brings for many Church and Worship and God.f Long ago and far away as a child I used to attend Catholic Church each and every Sunday, I made Communion and Confirmation too. I have photographs of my Older brother and I in the outfits when we made them.

But as I grew older I was given a choice by my stepfather who was Albanian and a Muslim, if I wanted to go to Church or not. After thinking it over I stopped going altogether,  the reasons why may surprise many but, each of us choose in our own ways.

By the 1960s when this occurred, the hypercity and hypocritical actions of the church had started to become known.  Their Priests were doing things to children even way back then,the masses were always in Latin not english and you got the basket put in front or you every Sunday. The collection basket made the church the richest organization in the world.

But as I grew older i figured out something’s about all of this. 1) The Catholic Church is nothing more than a organization collecting money every week so you can pray and ask forgiveness in thier building they built on your money and decorated in their way too. 

2) The Church will tell you themselves if you ask, the Bible says it too both versions by the way, you can pray and ask forgiveness for you sins any where and God will hear you. So why, do you have to attend church?

Then came the third thing to realize about this religion and church, who wrote the Bible really? The Bible is a book, handed down over centuries through believing families  one chapter after another and added to until it was assembled in full. It is on ongoing story that finally ended, when a member of the clan or family decided it was done and they couldn’t write anymore. Just a fact folks.

Jesus Christ was a man who lived and died, trying to preach to the world pacifism  a man who had strong beliefs against many things and preached them, but died for them too. He was human folks, and they wrote stories about him and his friends and combined them to make the Bible. Sprry but, I don’t buy a God who would allow murder, mayhem, thieves,wars. and illness to kill the people he made and protected. If so none of us would die, would we, but we do. I don’t believe in any other church or faith either, although I do believe in a Supreme Being who made us all in some way.  Will we ever know who or what it was that created the earth and mankind, I doubt it, for if you do answer that question then answer me this where would that Supreme Being have come from too?

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