But that is life is it not America!

       Lets talk Government of the People, and for the People today. Lets talk right given out by the constitution and The Bill of Rights. Yes Americans we all still have our 2nd Amendment Rights to bear arms. Yes, you are allowed to own a gun to protect your home and family, no you are not allowed to take that same gun and go out and kill innocents in the streets and stores and parks, and anywhere you please! What the hell is wrong with the people who do these things and why would they continue to exist in American culture and life?

While our Constitution put forth by Our Founding Fathers, is a guideline for the life America leads, it is not written in blood or iron. It can be changed, by the process in Congress and made to read as Americans see fit or believe in for the welfare of all Americans. We need to protect our families, our lives and homes true, but do we need semi-automatic weapons to do so? Hell no! We don’t need weapons that fire that many round at once, we are not in war with each other, we are home here. Those weapons are for military purposes only and war zones, not American Society on a daily basis, the laws that govern them should be stronger and fully enforced in every way.

That said, I ask how many Americans today realize that this country is being protected by real heros daily. They Volunteer and walk into harms way to protect our interests, our beliefs, our way of life. No one asks them to do it, and yet they come home victims of PTSD, war wounds and more and Americans ignore or forget to help them when they need it, it is sad. 

Finally as a closer today, as a man, a Disabled Veteran and American, I just want to say I support all American Troops. Secondly, I can’t do much these days because my injuies from my time in service cause me pain each day and distract me. I don’t sleep right half the time, nightmares wake me in my sleep, I jump from my bed in the still of the night, I have to sleep with machine to breath, my spine is messed up from a fall aboard a navy ship. All I have left now is to be able to take care of my own home and to write as well as I can to earn a few bucks, to have anything extra. But that is life is it not America!

I now sell small stories as little books on Amazon’s Kindle E-Books, they include poems, military stories and mysteries. A Sample is attached if anyone wants to see my work; this is the addy of one of them:

“National Guard Hereos”–http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CIH88HU


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