Why Do I write!

        I have been asked before, why would you write, what makes you think you can and are your stories true?

           Well, #1) Being a disabled veteran with military stories in me from my 16 years, helps me with my PTSD I suffer from.

                     #2) I try to write about romances unfulfilled or make up stories of murder, to entertain. Mostly I based some truths in these, but not 100 percent.

                      #3) If I use anyone for a reference or anyones name, I try to make sure they can not be identified through the story and yes I do mixed Non-Fiction with fiction at times to make a story better.

                      #4) A disabled Veteran can’t do much physically or at times even mentally if they are like me, we need a way to relieve pressure and surviving.

In The end writing is like a way of getting out the things that bug me and getting heard in a positive light mostly. And to warn others on family lives gone wrong and what shapes people as they grow. I hope it helps others understand life, also my blogs try to cover the current topics in politics, wars,Congressional bullshit and laws. In the end I hope some can go yeah he said that right is all.





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