MId-2013 Thoughts

      2013 goes on with the same debates in Congress and no action on any of it. Immigration has no solution at this point  because half want to give the illegals citizenship the other half want to send them home. Wasn’t America built on immigrants and why can’t we just let them become legal and move on? Who cares where they are from, as long as they will defend and protect this country let em in.

       Obama-Care, please Congress wake the hell up, it passed, you can not resend it nor can you remove it, work with it. Make it better for all ill and elderly and needy, don’t keep crying over a lost fight. You don’t help anyone by bucking the only thing decent in Medical Coverage in 200 years.

         Lets now talk wars, don’t get involved in anymore. Veterans, and the people have said no more we can’t afford or do it. Syria I know, some are itching to get into there don’t! Syrians will sooner or later get Assad and the country will move on, on it’s own. We don’t need a quagmire like KOrea, Vietnam, and Afghanistan do we, can’t afford it. We spend billions on billions policing other nations, fighting their wars and trying to help them, but when the USA is attacked all they do is point and say look it hit them too and not care. It’s time to not care some too, bring our troops home, bring our supplies home and our money, start spending all those funds to help our own homeless  injured, medically incapable and economy and jobs. Imagine the difference an injection of billions of dollars will do to the American Economy and the American job market!   

       Last Note at this time today, many are looking forward to 2016 and the next Presidential Election! The Parties are gearing up and names are flying around now, Clinton, Rubio, and more. Stop before you get too worked up and listen first, not all will be healthy and ready at the time, nor will all the names they bring up now be available then, some are getting up in age and have medical problems. So stop first and wait till you see who will run before ya play adopt someone or force someone to run who can’t.





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