Time and the limits of the Commodity of It

      Time it is a commodity we only have so much of. We don’t determine the length of life we live, only the type of life we live, for as long as we control it. Once the lights of life start disappearing from a person their body and soul starts to slow down too and they begin to understand the mortality of their being. We all have limited time to say I love you, I care, or to laugh or cry, and we just don’t realize it till it is almost too late. Then when our time is up and we face the end of life, we finally realize what made it all life, other people who we have in ours. It is the interaction between people, that makes a life complete, not just a spark of life in your body, but who affected you and whom to affected with your life. It is not what we leave behind that counts, material wise, it is what we leave behind that is a part of us, from inside that counts. Did you teach your child to count, did you teach a child to sing or play music, to write a story, draw a cartoon or person or bird? Did you teach a child to walk and talk and to be decent to others, cause if you did that is your legacy to the planet, and to humankind.

An old band called Seals and Crofts said in the 1970s, We May Never Pass This Way Again. They were correct for we know once we die we are gone for good from the human side of the equation that is life. We can no longer affect how our children learn or think or how the world reacts to things or anything else. So while we are all here on earth and in the human body and form and can interact with each other, can we just do so in an intelligent and peaceful way, and make the world a better place for our children and the children of the future? Or is it asking too much of the current generation of humanity to stop and think about the next few generation ahead and make it all easier for humanity to survive and get along? You Tell me folks!



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