Politics, Benefits, Medical and my Latest Story!

       As Congress debates many things and nothing gets finished or passed, can someone please tell me what we pay these politicians for? They fight like children in a playground over every issue and make it impossible for Americans who need help to get it, Why?

        As Medicaid, Medicare, Obama Care all get attacked and jobs become less and less, and the American Economy is dropping like a rock, Congress, the men and women we elected to office, collect big paychecks but do nothing, Why?

        So many question are out there and so many problems are out there, yet no action is taken! Sadly, some action will be taken soon by the American People I am sure when they start to vote out of office the deadbeats and hanger- ons.

       Next subject, my writings are sitting on Kindle E-Books on Amazon, for sale. I hope some will like what I have written and buy them. I have done Love Stories, Murder Mysteries and Books of Poems, one adult and one not. 

        My Latest Story posted for sale is

The Project Murders, in Broad-View Acre—-          http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00D3QZZU8

Meet Mac and Maggie and The case that Stuns!


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